Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Big Move

Scott and I made a difficult choice. We had been married for about 3 years. The first part of our marriage was a mess. I was "just friends" with a guy. My emotional affair turned physical. My secret world became too much to uphold when the secret of my lover was revealed to my husband by a mutual friend.

By the grace of God, my husband forgave me and we began to fight for our marriage. Scott and I did all that we could to rebuild and repair our marriage. I said good bye to my lover. We avoided seeing each other, but we both lived in the same general area. We had the same core group of friends. Everywhere I went, I had memories flood my mind. I wasn't about to run away, but I was defeated. I was trying to move forward, but with every memory, my heart would ache.

Scott and I talked openly about my pain. He comforted me the best he could. We wanted so badly to make new memories to replace the old ones that were haunting me. We made the decision to move. A lot of people criticized us for "running away." They thought we were stronger then that. I how ever feel that it was a critical choice. A wise choice. I wasn't running away, we were choosing to start on fresh territory. Call it what you may, it was one of the best decision that we ever made for the sake of our marriage.

We have lived here, in our "new town" for over 7 years. The memories of my old love have mostly faded away. I have a heart that is totally Scott's. When we moved it took some adjustment, but Scott and I had to really cleave together. God has protected our love and marriage. We have since created a million new memories. Scott is my love. He is my joy. I am so blessed to know that he was willing to fight to fix our marriage!

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  1. Choosing to put your marriage above the ease of the familiar and the thoughts of your friends was the best decision. :-)