Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Discipline from the Lord

So while doing a little research on the ideas of Biblical discipline I ran across this table:

FROM The Lord God, World, Satan The Devil
RESULT OF Disobedience Following God Pride or Exposure
HOW TO DISCERN Fits Crime Proves Faith Leads Astray
RIGHT RESPONSE Repent! Persevere Resist!
DO NOT Make Light of Shrink Back Fall into
GOD IS SAYING We are Sons His Name is in Us The Flesh is Weak
ENDS WITH Fear and Holiness Death and Glory Sin or Victory
I found much insight. I love the 'How to discern' and 'Do Not' sections. I wish I would have found this in my younger years, but non the less, it has made a big impact in my life so far. I pray that others will grow and be challenged by this too.

I found the chart at

More information can be found here..

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