Saturday, May 18, 2013

God's Timing

Thank you so much for your patience with me as I haven't been blogging regularly. During my little sabbatical, so many amazing things have happened which have solidified my calling to write and share my story. It has been a challenge for me as I reopen wounds of the past. I really want to be real and share my raw emotions about my affair because it is my desire  for others to understand and relate to the hurt and pain. As I am writing sometimes I have to take the time to re-deal with the topic or emotion that is tied to the story I am writing. My calling to writing has been full of lessons and rewards. God is good.

I believe this may be my first post that has been written NOW, not from the past, not looking into the future, but what I am dealing with today and have been dealing with over the last month or so. I am dealing with some health issues. The doctors are still poking and prodding trying to find the source of some pain and issues with my stomach. Since, I have been away, God has definitely taught me a little about perspective. And I am ready to write again. It's only been a week or two and to be honest with you I missed it.  I've never stopped writing. I've been writing just not publishing any of my posts.  I missed sharing my story with others. 

The day after I decided to take a little break from writing, God surprised me with a different plan. A speaking opportunity was presented to me. I am blessed for the opportunity to speak with others and share my story and remind other's of how important ministry can be! I will be speaking later this summer. This was a super cool way of God showing me not to stop and to keep going.

Several days later God hit me with another wake up call. I heard him loud and clear. The back story is that I ran across a beautiful blog while researching love and marriage. I noticed that there was an invitation to submit and article about marriage. I knew right away that God wanted me to submit this article. I made it a goal that by the end of April I would submit an article. I did achieved the goal and was really nervous. While, long story short, I received an e-mail that my article would appear on the blog next week!!!

I am finding that God has renewed my strength. He has boosted my confidence.
He says write.
I say, "Yes Lord! I will obey!"

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