Friday, January 11, 2013

Love is a Choice

I want to tell you that there is not an easy road. The easy road would have been to say no to emotions and feelings towards another human. Scott and I choosing to stay together and work on our marriage was not an easy answer. It was difficult for a very long time. We celebrated 10 years of marriage this past June. We have made the choice to work on our marriage everyday.

I have had the experience of many women and men telling me that they aren't in love any more. They have no romantic feelings for their spouse the way they used to...I feel so sad for coupes who feel this way. It should never come down to how you feel. Love is a choice. I blame our sinful nature for wanting love to be easy and feel good all the time.

Romantic movies cause couples to form lofty expectation about how love should feel also. It should be nothing but butterflies in your tummy. Love should always be full of passion and heat. I wholly disagree with all of these things.

Love is a choice.

Everyday you should wake up and make the choice to love. Some days will be easier than others. Some days love will feel like butterflies and passion. On other days love feels like a big kick in the knee. It is a hard choice.

Jesus is a super example of how to love. He loved when people did not love him back. He loved when people called him names. He loved when the very people he was dying for hung him on the cross. Do you think that love was easy or felt good??

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