Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The In-Laws

 Scott and I were still at his parent's house. I was excited and nervous to head back home with Scott. We had a lot of work ahead of us in repairing our relationship, rebuilding trust, and mending our hearts. It was going to be a tough road but I was ready and willing to travel down it.

As we were heading out, I realized how great my in laws are. I remember driving to Scott's Parent's house and how nervous I was about his parent's reaction. I was of course really worried about how they would recieve me. I was nervous that they were going to quote bible verses at me. I was terrified that they would yell at me about the way I treated their son and shun me forever...I deserved a reaction like that.

After my arrival, Scott's mom kindly invited me in, but I was too nervous and afraid to be welcomed.  I waited outside. After Scott and I were reunited, I remember that Scott's Dad walked over to me, put his arm on my shoulder and said, "We are glad to see you back." I knew then that I was welcomed and more importantly forgiven.

As life carried on, I was very worried about going to any family funtion after everything happened...When Scott's brothers would be there with their families..and to my surprise, they welcomed me back with open arms as well. The family has never brougt up my past. They have never made me feel uncomfortable.

I have amazing in laws. They accept me as part of the family. They encourage me when I need it. They love me for me. Most amazingly, they have forgiven me and have shown me a side of God's grace that is so sweet. I am blessed.

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